About us

Quick Hypotheek has the pleasure of helping expats who want to buy a house in the Netherlands. We truly understand that when expats come to the Netherlands, they face many challenges like finding proper accommodation, a school for their kids, and many more day-to-day challenges. That is why we do our best to guide them through the mortgage process. So that, they can be relieved from the burden of buying a house. Our aim is that expats buy a house without too much pressure and stress. And also enjoy for many years, with a mortgage that fits their existing and future financial situation.

We are an independent financial advisory firm, we can offer unbiased advice and you can expect us to prioritize your best interest at all times. We have access to a wide range of financial products and lenders, which allows us to match you with the lender that best suits your profile and future goals. We have served expat clients for a couple of years and that is why we are specialized in this field.

We offer competitive fees because it is important to us that you get good value for money. Our advisors have different specialties such as buy-to-let mortgages, mortgages for newly built homes, as well as mortgages for entrepreneurs. Next to mortgages we can compare the all insurances relevant to your mortgage.

We can speak fluent English, Farsi, beginners Russian, and Indi. You can expect a personal and flexible approach. We understand that if you don’t speak Dutch and are not familiar with financial issues in The Netherlands, you could use some help. We help translate documents and make sure you understand what is going on by explaining matters in a simple way. We are available during the day, in the evening, or on weekends and will be able to meet at our office or if you prefer via webcam meeting.

Free orientation meeting

For such an important decision as buying a house, it is important to have an orientation meeting to discuss all possibilities, in an environment that suits you best. We are happy to have meetings after working hours, either at our office or via webcam meeting. A webcam meeting is a service we provide in which the meeting takes place via the webcam of your phone, tablet, or laptop. In this way, we can see each other and discuss the issues with ease at home. In the first mortgage advice meeting, we will personally tell you who we are and how we work. We want to get to know you and discuss what you want in terms of buying a house.

Mortgage plan and advice

After you signed the service agreement, we can continue working on your personal mortgage advice.
  • Assessing your current and future financial situation.
  • We find mortgage types and providers that suit your personal needs best.
  • We calculate the monthly costs and provide insight into possible risks and how to minimize them.
  • You will receive a financial plan that is based on our meetings and documents provided by you. If you agree with the financial plan, we request a concept of the mortgage offer from the mortgage provider.
  • As soon as possible, you will receive an offer for the mortgage interest rate. The terms for receiving this depend on the mortgage provider and your personal situation. We will give an indication of how long this will take.
  • With the mortgage offer, the terms and conditions of the mortgage are specified. These include, among others: mortgage type, mortgage interest rate, and the total mortgage principal.
  • We will schedule an appointment to go through the concept mortgage offer with you personally.
  • If everything is clear, you sign the mortgage offer and we discuss relevant insurance. We send the signed offer and required documents to the mortgage provider.
  • If needed, we can arrange an appraisal.
  • In addition, we will send the application(s) for requested insurance to the insurance company (e.g. term life insurance) to have them assessed as soon as possible.
  • It is important that the dissolving terms stated in your purchase contract do not expire before the binding offer is received. We will actively keep an eye on these dates.